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Cord Blood Unit Selection Advisory Panel (CBUSAP)

 The Cord Blood Unit Selection Advisory Panel is a voluntary group of experts with specialist knowledge in cord blood transplantation. This panel has agreed to collectively provide advice on the selection of the most appropriate umbilical cord blood units upon request from the referring clinical team and their associated H&I Laboratory. In addition to H&I and registry members, the panel’s expertise includes clinical transplantation, stem cell processing and infectious disease management. The aim of this panel is to support the use of CBU as a stem cell resource, increasing the understanding of how cords can be most effectively used.

In many cases, the selection of CBU for transplantation is a straightforward process performed routinely throughout the UK. For some patients with an unusual HLA profile, the choice is restricted, and may suddenly become more complex if the preferred units are unavailable or unsuitable for use. It is under these circumstances when it may be useful to seek advice from the panel whose members are committed to offering the benefit of their combined experience. Ultimately, the responsibility for donor selection remains with the referring clinician.

To submit a request to the panel, complete the CBUSAP Request form and email the request to Kay.Poulton@cmft.nhs.uk. Using the form standardises the data provided and ensures that all relevant information is included for the panel to formulate an informed opinion. The CBUSAP Request Form is a Word document, and can easily be modified for use locally, as required. The format is user-friendly and includes guidelines derived from the BSBMT1 and BSHI-BTS2 documents, which could be of value whether or not a formal request is submitted to the CBUSAP.

The panel, its documents and processes will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the advice provided remains current as our understanding progresses. If you feel that your patients would benefit from a second or expanded opinion covering any aspect of transplantation using cords, the panel would be pleased to receive your request.


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2 HLA matching and donor selection for haematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation. A-M Little et al., International Journal of Immunogenetics in press.

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